Community Code of Conduct

The Interactive Christian Community, ICC, is a place where people pray, talk, study, learn, enjoy fellowship together and simply have fun. May God be glorified in all we do!

Community Code of Conduct

Please read and agree to abide by our Community Code of Conduct before completing and submitting a registration form. Submission of a registration form means that you have read and agree to abide by the Community Code of Conduct for as long as you participate in the activities of the Community.

  1. Each member of the Community shall treat all other Community members with respect and courtesy and shall not harrass any other member.
  2. While logged into the Community, each member shall not engage in swearing, cursing, use of other fowl, crude or vulgar language or do anything that normally would be construed as such.
  3. No member shall use the Interactive Christian Community to engage in any illegal activity and shall not encourage any other member or participant to engage in any type of illegal activity.
  4. Any and all complaints shall be submitted to the Community Administrator and if requested, shall be sent to At his/her discretion, the Community Administrator, or one to whom authority is given, shall consult with the Servant Leaders Committee or may appoint a committee to help determine the best course of action to take.
  5. If he/she feels it is necessary, the Community Administrator has the right and power to suspend and/or terminate a person's Community membership temporarily or permanently.
  6. Any person in a position of power or responsibility shall always use his/her power and authority in the best interests of the Community and to facilitate the smooth running of the Community and the proper administration of the Code of Conduct. If the actions of any person in authority restrict the involvement of any person in the Community, he/she who took such action shall notify the Community Administrator by sending an email to detailing the actions taken and the reasons for such actions.
  7. The Community is to be a place where the good news of the saving power and lordship of Jesus Christ is shared and proclaimed, Christians are built up in the faith of Christ, nonbelievers are welcomed as people for whom Christ died and whom God loves, the Bible and its principles are freely discussed and taught, and the praying, teaching, learning, discussing, worshipping, and all other Community activities are performed in submission to the Lord Jesus Christ.

We require you to abide by the above Code of Conduct as a member of the Interactive Christian Community.

Listening and talking are the primary means of communication in this Community. A microphone, or a microphone headset is highly recommended. This equipment can be obtained for $20 to $80 from sellers such as or Tiger Direct.

Please note the following policy as related to recording while on ICC:

  1. If an official (assigned) recording of a program is being made, all other recordings, including private recordings for private use, are prohibited.
  2. In cases where programs are not officially being recorded, recordings may only be made if prior permission is granted by the host of a program or an informal event and the live speaker or performer should one be participating in such event. Such recordings must only be made using Team Talk's built-in recording function. Third-party audio/video recorders such as Audacity, Studio Recorder, GoldWave, Total Recorder, ETC., may not be used under any circumstances.
  3. In order to share such unofficial (unassigned or private) recordings, permission must be granted by both the host of the program or informal event and the live speaker or performer should one be participating in such event.
  4. Recording of copyrighted material is strictly prohibited unless permission is granted by the copyright holder. A copy of such permission shall be provided to the ICC Servant Administrator at

To participate in the Community, you will need to download and install a piece of software called Team Talk onto your device or computer. Detailed instructions for doing that will be emailed to you after you've filled out the registration form, and we have processed your application.

You may wish to keep up with Community information and happenings by joining our email group. To do so, send a blank email to Watch for and reply to the confirmation email to complete your subscription.

The Code of Conduct or any other Community information may be updated at any time. It is your responsibility as a member to check regularly if you wish to view any updates.

Thank you for considering joining our Community. If you like what you've learned so far, we welcome your participation. Register for the Interactive Christian Community.

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